Volvo 200 Series
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Made in Finland

Plastic model cars from Ståhlberg and Emek (scale 1:24)

"A Volvo produced in Finland? Yes, plastic model cars symbolising the intelligent balance which Volvo Finland maintains on the border of trade policy. The purchases of Volvo in Finland create more selling space from Sweden" (Volvo Monitor number 1, 1984, page 46).

Thanks to Michel Tholen for providing details from Plastic model cars and toys from H. Ståhlberg Oy in Nummela.


  • Model 75: vehicle type in emblem on front wing
  • Model 75-76: partly steel wheels
  • Model 75-83: package is a plastic bag (the 240 police car of model 86 comes with a plastic bag as well)
  • Model 75-83: text Made in Finland on platform
  • Model 75-86: several original body colours adjusted to the right model year. Even metallic colours
  • Model 75-91: no running daylights
  • Model 76-79: no vehicle type in emblem on front wing
  • Model 78: steering wheel and headlights from model 75
  • Model 78-79: 245: upholstery of a 245L from model year 75 with central armrest in the back
  • Model 79: Volvo emblem on steering wheel
  • Model 80-83: mud flaps with two sides. Previously only on one side
  • Model 80-86: Volvo emblem on front wing. Model 91 without
  • Model 81-83: almost al versions with head restraint cushions
  • Model 86: standard upholstery is not black anymore. Different colours are available from now on
  • Model 86-91: the package is, with the exception of the 240 police car, a cardboard box and from model year 91 a cardboard box with a plastic window. On the greyblue boxes pictures of the 240 are printed. Furthermore the following pieces of text can be read: Volvo 240 GL. The perfect famil[i]y car - unsurpassed in safety, quality and life expectancy. Now more refined than ever (86-244). Volvo 240 GL. The perfect station wagon - unsurpassed in safety, quality and life expectancy. Now more refined than ever (86-245). Volvo 240 GL. Built on fine Volvo traditions. A symbol of car safety - fashioned to last (91-245)
  • Model 91: besides the text Made in Finland even the name of Emek appears on the platform. The body is made of harder plastic compared with the other model years. Headlights like mirrors. Even head restraints in the back. Only available in red with black upholstery. Different rear window

Name Spare part number Comments
242/244 (±24 centimetres) 280808 (Volvo PV)

105 (Ståhlberg)
75: 242DL
76: 244DL
78: 244DL
79: 244GL
81: 244GLT, fake Virgo wheels
83: 244GL=244GLT=244Turbo, Virgo wheels
86: 244GL


245 (±24 centimetres) 280700 (Volvo PV)

108 (Ståhlberg)
75: 245DL
76: 245DL
78: 245DL
79: 245GL
81: 245GL, wheels too old, no spoiler
82: 245GLT, Virgo wheels
83: 245GLT=245Turbo, Virgo wheels
86: 245GL


242/244 Polis (±24 centimetres) 280226 (Volvo PV)

105P, 105PD ("Police with sticker") (Ståhlberg)
75: Polis/Poliisi, 242DL, black with antenna and red upholstery
79: Polis/Poliisi, 244GL, blue with red upholstery
81: Polis/Poliisi, 244GLT, blue with Polis adhesives in white, red upholstery, fake Virgo wheels
83: Polis, 244GL, white with black upholstery, Virgo wheels
86: Polis, 244GL, white with black upholstery
242/244 Polis

242/244 Polis

245GL (±24 centimetres) 280261 Model 91, Orion wheels, two versions: with and without head restraint cushions


264 (±24 centimetres) 280613 (Volvo PV)

110 (Ståhlberg)
76: 264GL
77: 264GL
80: 264GLE, (standard) wheels too old, no spoiler
81: 264GLE, emblem stating vehicle type too old, Corona wheels with large hub cap


Special models (±24 centimetres) ? (Volvo PV)

Ståhlberg: 105 T (taxi), 105 TR (taxi), 108 A (Ambulance)
For exampel: 79-242GT (no stripes on spoiler, Turbin wheels), 244Taxi, 245Ambulans
Special models

Special models

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