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The 200 appears in films regularly. In television commercials for the Volvo S80, Verkade Sultana cookies and McDonald's, but even in films it is not unusual to watch a 200 acting. I really cannot give a complete picture of all the appearances of the 200, but some of the more memorable parts I will mention to you. More information concerning a specific film is available from The Internet Movie Database Ltd (IMDb). If you follow the links, you will have visited this database.
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Actress Pernilla August discovered that the 245 is a dear object for thieves. Her estate car was stolen and stripped down of spare parts in Stockholm

Source: Metro, 28 February 1996

"The Volvo is reversed a bit to be shown on film again. Now the electricity cables are stuck in the car, risking the sound engineer to be towed away"

A 244 is playing a part in the television series from Sveriges Television under the working title "Hoffas"

Source: Söndagsavisen, 3 June 2001

Above The Candystore of Paola is included on the soundtrack of the film Spun. The director of the film, Jonas Åkerlund, made also the video clip. The singer is sitting in the back seat of a 244. The 240 is filmed from the in- and outside. There are even shots of the engine compartment. In the programme Tryck till from ZTV from 12 April 2002, the clip won the maximum of three points. During week 50 of 2002 Motorjournalen from Kanal 5 placed the video on the second spot of the most original music videos showing a car
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