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The Netherlands


    Svenska Volvo 240 Klubben
    Svenska Volvo 240 Klubben, Ånnaboda, 14 June 1997
  • Svis
    The Volvo Clubs of Sweden in co-operation.








  • IG Volvo 240 Schweiz
    Interessengemeinschaft Volvo 240 Schweiz is a society for everyone owning a 240 or a 260.

United Kingdom

New Zealand

    "Volvo Adventures is a New Zealand based Volvo resource for the older Volvo models".




  • Volvokortet from AB Volvofinans
    can be used as a means of payment at all Volvo dealerships in Sweden. The card entitles you, for example, an extra discount on the cheap NicePrice line of some 200 parts.
  • VOC Mekonomen Rally
    is the Swedish junior class if you, for example, want to compete in rally or ice racing in a 240. All branches are driven by the same regulations. The 240 cars are standard and can be driven privately as well.
  • Volvo Cars of North America, Inc.

    "Introduced in 1975, Volvo's venerated 200 Series sold over 940,000 units until production was discontinued in 1993. Still driven and loved by legions of loyal 240 owners, the 200 Series represented a landmark in the advancement of automotive safety and environmental engineering".

    The picture and quotation were to be found on old web pages of Volvo Cars of North America.


  • KG Trimning
    is a Swedish company specializing in customizing Volvo engines mostly.

Suppliers of parts


  • Vallåkraträffen
    is the annual festival for all customized European cars. The 200 is part of the class "Volvo 140/240-serien ombyggd".
  • Vrom
    Volvo Rendezvous for Owners & Members is organized in Gothenburg once a year.


  • BrickBoard
    A discussion group for all Volvo drivers.
  • Turbobricks
    A discussion group of mostly people driving a 240Turbo.


  • 240 Grupp-A
    Much information, many pictures and championship standings.
  • Bildelsbasen
    contains the stock of used spare parts from many car dismantlers in Sweden.
    At K & C Automobile GmbH in Leipzig you may rent former East German 240 or 260 cars like the unique 244DLS.
  • Ecris
    supplies together with Volvo Cars green spare parts for Volvo cars.
  • Lagabasen
    contains the stock of used spare parts from many car dismantlers in Sweden.
  • U Need A Part
    is an entrance to the stock of used spare parts from many car dismantlers in the USA.
  • Uncle-Olav
    contains, among other things, information about brochures of the 200 Series even if some brochures are classified under the wrong model years.
  • Volvo 240 sidan
    contains, for example, pictures of a beautiful genuine and light blue 84-240.
    The site returned, but contains some wrong information.

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