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"Volvo 240 is a dependable workhorse, but no longer selling strongly"

Quentin Willson in BBC Top Gear Magazine (issue 17, February 1995)

"That is completely nonsense. Privately I drive an old Volvo 240 back home in Sweden. There is nothing which comes close to our cars"

Kenny Bräck compares Ferrari and Porsche with the Volvo 240 in Expressen of 15 January 1999

"Imagine my horror, then, when he wheeled a Volvo 240 from the garage and proceeded to drive it in what can only be described as a hat"

James May in May on Motors (ISBN 978-0-7535-1186-2)

"Towards the end of the seventies the 260 Series was eaten up by mainly Ford, whose Granada 2,8i sold well"

Calle Carlquist thumbed through the 260 brochure of model 79 in the second issue of Automobil of 2008

"And in the eighties Volvo invented the square wheel at last. That stiff has never a wheel been"

Olle Wilson about the Turbo wheel Virgo in Classic Motor Magasin of November 1999

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