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The site Volvo 200 Series is my way to share with others the knowledge I possess about the 200 Series.

In both Dutch and Swedish I will try to give a picture of the Volvo 200 Series. Most of the material will concern the car markets in The Netherlands and Sweden, as I know most about those markets.

Unfortunately I will not be able to publish a lot of material in English, as my priority lies in producing a high quality site in Dutch and Swedish first. There are some pages in English though. For example an article I wrote for Driver, the magazine of the Volvo Owners Club, is included under the presentation of 200 models: Going Dutch and Swedish: A comparison of the Swedish and Dutch 1980 240 Series by Wietze Jan de Vries

Nevertheless, I do hope my webpages will be of interest to you.

Wietze de Vries

An Italian 91-240Polar parked in Pisa

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"...driving one is as exciting as muesli without milk..."

Quentin Willson in BBC2's Top Gear (September 1993) about driving a 240

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